Telecommunications & Networks

Smart Technologies using the long experience of its technical department, has the ability to offer you complete solutions in the field of wireless networks.

wifi - τηλεπικοινωνιες

Wireless Networks - WIFI

Having successfully completed and delivered a wide range of studies and facilities, we can meet the needs of public bodies, metropolitan networks, hotel units and all kinds of companies.

The services we provide are the excellent coverage of wifi wireless networking, with the highest possible internet speeds, ensuring continuous flow and protection of users' data. Voice and data transfer services and the creation of closed protected networks are in our range of services.

A separate branch of Smart Technologies, in the field of wireless networks is the creation of long distance connections.
Our company has the ability to study and install point to point, point to multipoint networks, at distances greater than 50 kilometers. With this feature, we can provide wireless internet, video and voice transfer to places where it is impossible to have a phone in a different way or places with very low internet speeds. Stability and transmission speed characterize the certified long-range links of our company.

Guaranteed Results



Structured wiring

In the context of providing specialized services, our company undertakes the complete study, installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks. Structured cabling is an integral part of any modern telecommunications network installation and proper study helps to achieve the perfect end result.

All installations are monitored with network certification, using the most modern measuring instruments of Fluke.

In summary, the services we offer are the following:

Smart Technologies can cover the most demanding installation.

Long-term experience and high level of know-how, we can provide solutions to a wide range of applications.

optikes ines - οπτικες ινες - fiber optics

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are now at the forefront of data transmission materials in the modern digital age. With excellent transmission speeds and loss minimization, fiber optics have the ability to transmit signals over very long distances, with high stability and minimal attenuation.

Optical fiber is a flexible transparent fiber made of glass or plastic, with a diameter slightly larger than a human hair. Fiber optics carry light from one end of the fiber to the other and are used in communications because they allow bandwidths much faster than ordinary cables can deliver over much longer distances. In addition, the optical fibers are not affected by electromagnetic fields.

Smart Technologies specializes in the study of optical networks and their termination, with state-of-the-art equipment.
After terminations, optical networks are certified with approved and modern instruments.

 We therefore offer complete solutions and guarantee the excellent installation and operation of fiber optic networks that tends to become mandatory for every business and public body.

The fiber optic termination machines of our company, the Japanese company Fujikura, guarantee the perfect technical result of your installation.