hoteza - ξενοδοχειακοι αυτοματισμοι

Energy Management of
Hotel units - Hotel BMS

The evolution of hotel automation is here. Combining modern technologies we create the ultimate guide to ease of use of hotel services by our customers, but also the maximum possible simultaneous energy management.

Ease of use, elegance, flexibility, but also quality of services with low cost characterize the applications of KNX hotel units.
Working with Emtcontrols we have the ability to select and modify scenarios tailored to the needs of each hotel unit individually.

Central lighting management
Full automation of heating and cooling
Control of shading systems.
Control of multimedia systems of rooms and common areas.
Integration of alarm and fire safety elements.
Access control of common areas.
Remote service control and control via mobile devices.

Get your business
in the new era

The system with the great centralization of properties and functions that it provides eliminates other, non-cooperating, high acquisition-installation systems. With the high degree of energy management (not only at room level but also at the central level of floors, wings or buildings), it achieves a great reduction of energy consumption, increase of the life limit of the devices, being an excellent, technologically advanced and very affordable solution for hotels , apartments for rent, etc.

smart home - εξυπνο σπιτι

Smart Home &
Building Automation

We, at Smart Technologies, are guided by integrated solutions in the management of the operations of a home, office or store, is active in the field of smart home.

Combining ease of use, security and remote management, the user is able to perform automatic lighting, air conditioning, shading and security functions.

Αυτό επιτελείται με τον κεντρικό έλεγχο των λειτουργιών του χώρου, μέσω  ηλεκτρονικού υπολογιστή, αποσκοπώντας στην μεγάλη μείωση της κατανάλωσης ενέργειας, στην απομακρυσμένη διαχείριση, στην ασφάλεια και φυσικά στην ευκολία και άνεση του χρήστη.
The whole process is automated and helps in the smooth and fast access to functions such as the entrance to the space, the temperature, the management of lighting, electrical appliances and many other parts of the space. It should be noted that the user can remotely operate the installation using a simple internet connection or his 3G mobile phone.


Entrance automations

Awnings, shutters

Security systems & remote image

Audio and Video systems

Automatic watering systems

Cooling and Heating

Management of electrical appliances

PC with DATA transfer

Local meteorological stations

Alarm in case of burglary or fire