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Google aims to digitize the security of even our home

Smartphones have already met many consumer needs. They work as cameras, mp3 players, gaming machines, control devices for other devices, and more. Now Google has announced the Android Ready SE Alliance to make sure the new smartphones have the right hardware to replace car / home keys and wallets.

Features such as digital keys, digital driver's license, identity card, e-passport, and digital stock solutions require hardware that provides enhanced security, such as Pixel's Titan M chip that allows StrongBox-resistant keys to be stored.

Most modern phones have related hardware called Secure Element (SE). Google has decided that SE and StrongBox are the best way for manufacturers to offer consumers all of the above new products. In addition, to speed up the whole process, she and her partners created the Android Ready SE Alliance.

In addition to phones, StrongBox will be available on Wear OS, Android Auto Embedded, and Android TV. Google said it is currently focusing on digital car keys, digital car licenses, and other certification documents, with currently anonymous Android Ready SE devices from various OEMs.

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